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ZoRa Photo Director


ZoRa Photo Director executables for Windows, Linux, and macOS

Installation hints 

Dictionary packs for spell checking

ZoRa Photo Director understands the .oxt dictionary format used by OpenOffice. Such dictionaries are available at the OpenOffice Extensions website.

RAW converter updates

The development of the DCRAW converter used by ZoRa Photo Director has been discontinued. We now recommend using the free RAW converters darktable, RawTherapee, or  dcraw_emu from the LIBRAW project. These must be installed independently of ZoRa Photo Director, but can then be integrated into the workflow. 

DNG Converter

ZoRa Photo Director can convert RAW images to DNG while importing. To do so, ZoRaPD makes use of the Adobe DNG Converter which must be installed on your platform.